Joint Innovation Network – Data Driven Innovation in the fight against COVID-19 and future pandemics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I be a member of the JIN-COVID 19 Network if I am already in another ZIM-network?

    Yes, companies are allowed to join multiple ZIM-Networks, there is no rule against this.

  • Can I be a member if I already have a project idea?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to join with an existing idea to work with additional partners, for support, etc.

  • Can I be a member if I do not currently have any new project ideas or planning a new R&D project within the next 12 months, but am looking for implementation partners?

    Yes, if you have a project ongoing or a ready product that is related to the network topic for the fight against COVID-19.

  • What is the cost of membership?

    This network is mainly funding by the German Ministry of Economy and Economic Affairs and Energy. There is a small fee to be covered by the regular German Members.

  • How can projects from this network be funded?

    The innovation projects can be supported with grants by the German Federal Government or by the European Commission for the German companies.

  • What are the phases of the network?

    Phase 1 serves to establish the network and to develop a technological roadmap for the projects which can be funded. This includes the support of the network in finding potential partners for the project ideas, initial research on the market feasibility and identifying the right funding opportunities.

    Phase 2 is aimed at the implementation of the network concept, the coordinating support of the network partners in the implementation of the R&D projects according to the technological roadmap and the preparation for the market launch. In the phase two, those network members who have a concrete project Idea can submit a proposal for funding from the German Federal Government; however, this is not mandatory to be a part of the network.

  • How time consuming will it be to be a part of this network?

    A 1-hour meeting (initially only online) will be held every two weeks/once a month; this can be adjusted if necessary.

    We are planning local meetings, only with the German network partners and also meetings together with the international partners.

    Once it is deemed safe, there may also be occasional in-person meetings that you may join if it is possible for you.

    You may also communicate with the partners yourself; however, how much time spent is entirely up to you.

  • What are the requirements to become part of the network?

    Regular network partners may have a maximum of 1000 employees. However, larger companies, research institutes or international partners can participate in the network as associated partners.

  • What is expected of me as a network partner?

    How and in what form the network partners cooperatewith each other is not defined. For example, there is the possibility of cooperation with several other regular German network partners within the framework of a project, as well as cooperation with only one US-American research partner or application partner in pilot projects.

  • As a network partner, do I have to register a ZIM project?

    No, network partners can, but don’t necessarily have to, submit a ZIM application for the projects. Projects can also be supported by other R&D funding measures of the Federal Government, the State or the EU.

  • What services does the network offer for me as a member?

    Evaluation and selection of R&D project ideas with regard to eligibility for funding, and preparation of the technological roadmap for the development lines in the network

    Acquisition of further research partners and application companies

    SWOT and market analysis for the planned projects

    Provision of a secure, digital communication platform

    Support with project and funding applications

    Public relations work for the network and the R&D projects Support with project and funding applications

    Regular (especially virtual) network meetings

  • Do you have more questions which were not answered above? Please just let us know.

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