Joint Innovation Network – Data Driven Innovation in the fight against COVID-19 and future pandemics

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Allymatch GmbH is a deep-tech company located in Mainz, Germany. Allymatch specializes in cloud-based software solutions that automate time-consuming and research-intensive business processes. With data driven innovation allymatch enables increases in efficiency, especially in research-related processes and helps innovative companies to boost innovation and drive growth.

Regional Coordinator USA

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), an NJIT corporation, was founded in 2014 and helps turn ideas into workable solutions across six divisions: biopharma, data and advanced technology, defense and homeland security, entrepreneurship, healthcare delivery and human capital.

NJII combines the vast resources of NJIT, strong and far-reaching industry and government relationships, and proven methods for building industry-centric ecosystems to help drive innovation and deliver solutions that make a direct impact on the economy and the health and welfare of its participants.

Our Members

Addteq Inc. strives on building innovative DevOps solutions for over 13 years through the idea of modernizing traditional applications for mid-size & Enterprise organizations. Clients depend on us to provide Atlassian solutions, managed hosting, custom integrations, DevOps Transformation, adoption of AWS & Docker. Headquarters located in NJ with offices across the globe.

Cosinuss GmbH from Munich, is an expert in the development of medical wearables for the home. The company already works closely with research institutions and companies, and researches and develops solutions for patient monitoring, home health and mHealth solutions.

Droxit GmbH is a Mainz-based startup that offers solutions for intelligent data processing in and for companies. The software solutions offered by Droxit support companies in the design and implementation of intelligent systems for processing and analyzing large amounts of data. As a software solutions provider, Droxit optimizes the data flow in companies for their processes and systems. The range of services includes consulting, training and the development of custom and in-house solutions in the field of intelligent data processing.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI models and optimizes industrial applications, develops software and services for product design, process development and production, and offers calculations on high-performance computers. The aim is to achieve shorter development times, more cost-effective experiments and optimized processes.

In the area of ​​machine learning, Fraunhofer SCAI is developing new intelligent methods and adapting data analysis methods to specific use cases. The research work in the Bioinformatics business field represents the entire data-based value chain of translational biomedical research in science and industry.

Genie Enterprise Inc. is an AI company originally from Rhineland-Palatinate, which has now moved its headquarters to Wilmington (Delaware) in the USA. The startup creates diverse data driven solutions for a diverse client base. While they create solutions, they also conduct Data Science and AI research by partnering with institutions that are leaders in applied technical research to help advance the field, and then build solutions based on that research.

Castle Point Learning Systems Corp. from Hoboken, New Jersey, offers an AI-powered E-Learning platform for school and university mathematics. The innovative online learning platform named Gradarius was designed to help students master STEM concepts for deeper understanding — offering immediate feedback, guiding problem solving, pointing out mistakes and providing hints during each step of the problem-solving process for every problem.

hPass Inc., from Cambridge, Massachusetts, goal is to revolutionize the screening process of infections and diseases by creating better, faster, and safer opportunities for healthcare institutions. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a need for an efficient tool to keep communities safe. With hPass, schools, enterprises and healthcare facilities can make their institutions COVID-19 free and ensure its members are healthy. hPass enables employees, visitors, and vendors to scan their health records, submit symptom reports and temperature.

ViRvii Inc. from Los Angeles, California, is an innovator in virtual reality and immersive technology offering a socially connected platform that people make part of their daily routine. As an organization that launched amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, ViRvii was already adapted to succeed in the environment of socially distanced work. The purpose before COVID-19 was to provide ways of keeping people together while physically apart, to be able to help organizations solve the challenge of delivering knowledge and skills without bringing people into classrooms or other group settings.

Western Medical Consulting & Supplies located in Miami, Florida, has one goal:  to deliver outstandingquality PPE on time, every time at fair prices — just as we have done for some of the largest public hospitals, children’s hospitals, cancer hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies in the US.

As the virus continues while countries struggle with reopening, we expanded our reach to support restaurants and businesses, universities and private schools, and worshippers so they too can be as protected as possible during this pandemic.

Our Partners

Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG is headquartered in Neuwied, Germany. As pioneers in bonding technology, the company produces technical adhesive products, like double-sided adhesive tapes, high-tech die-cuts, reactive adhesive or closure systems. They are developing innovative bonding solutions in the B2B business for various industries on an international scale. Lohmann takes care of their customers from the very first idea up to process integration. With 1.800 employees, 29 subsidiaries and exclusive sales partners in over 50 countries, Lohmann is globally represented.

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